Well, I decided to put up some songs that I happen to like at the moment. Instead of posting a song each week (because I’m lazy and that is just goofy to do I think..).
So here are a few songs that don’t suck ass, and since I’m feeling semi nice I’m putting up videos with lyrics (when possible) instead of links because I know you are all lazy and will simply go “ehh.. I’ll check that link later” but we both know you wont.

Its not that funny

So, without further ado’ and with no fancy explanations, here are some songs.

There ya go. You get 3. Congrats.



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Everyone lies. Shit, I lie quite frequently. Usually its something small like “of course you look good..!.. you don’t look like a gremlin at all” but occasionally we all have to lie about something big. In my case I have to hide my feelings, which doesn’t hurt anyone but myself. In other peoples cases its lying to people because your a piece of shit.

Close enough

There are many things that warrant lying in my opinion. Is your best friend ugly as shit but you always tell them they look good? Maybe being honest could motivate them to not be so ugly, but its a lie that’s acceptable because your trying to be nice to your ugly friend. Do you lie to your friend who pisses you off and tell them your not mad? Well your a coward and should stop being a pussy.

Uncle Sam has been misquoted for so long…

What is not acceptable to lie about is other people.

When you straight lie to 2 people for months on end, it takes a special kind of faggotry to pull off. Lets make a list and see what they did shall we? (because lists are fun in bullet points!)

  • Trick person A into thinking person B is saying terrible things about them
  • Listen while person A tells you terrible things about person B while they are angry at the lies your just told them
  • Tell person B all the crap person A was saying while gaining their trust because you are being “honest” with them
  • Make sure person A and B never figure out what your doing somehow
  • Fuck over 2 people
  • Get what you want

Flawless plan I must say. It was executed quite well I might add. Keeping both people close to you so you can make sure they never figure it out or would even want to talk to each other is some feat.
Its a shame that when you try this same routine again, person B caught on to your shit and talked to person A about everything.

Unfortunately by this time things had changed significantly between person’s A and B and it wasn’t worth the headache to call out the shit head in question.

That seems fairly accurate

Now, here’s the tricky part to this whole little spiel: I don’t care anymore. That cannot be stated firmly enough. Because even though I took the time to write this, it is mainly to bitch (because that’s what I do, its the pretense of this site for fuck sakes) and to air some dirty laundry without directly naming people. All in all, looking back, it sort of worked out for the best, at least in my case anyway. Even though things ended badly between all parties involved, it caused me to spark communication with an old friend.

So I guess the moral of this story is, trust my instincts (not YOUR instincts, trust MINE, because your stupid).


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I am sick of them.

Every day I get feed excuses from people. They range from the simple “I cant do that because I’m tired” to the more annoying “I’m so busy I don’t have time to do anything”. (which can fall under the “full of shit” category as well)

Every time you make an excuse, this is what you are

Simple excuses don’t bother me, if your simply to lazy to do something or you don’t want to, at least “I’m to tired” is basically being honest. Its the “I’m so busy” excuses I hate. Guess what? I’m busy too! Surprise! I have shit I have to do also, but you know what? I find time to see my friends and family. Time management isn’t that hard.

Oh you have school and work? You poor thing, here let me play the worlds smallest violin for you.. You may think “damn Gary, that’s harsh. It sucks balancing school and work”. See, the thing is, I’ve done that myself. Yea, it does suck. Its a pain in the ass to work and go to school. I got up at 6:30am Monday – Friday, drove out of my way to pick up my friend who I worked with, went to work for 8 hours, then went right to school at night for 4 hours after sweating my ass off all day. On top of that, I had class Saturday mornings sometimes. But here’s the thing, the days I didn’t have class I made time for my friends. I was exhausted from work and had tons of school stuff to do, but I still found time to see people. It was a pain, and I had to stay up late at night finishing assignments, but that’s what you do when you truly want to spend time with someone. Only a few of my friends seem to understand this. They go out of their way so we can hang out once a week. Its not much, but that’s all it takes sometimes.

I don’t expect people to do what I did and go without sleep. But when your dumbass is going to be awake half the night anyway, or you have off all weekend, why the fuck don’t you want to hang out? If you want to just sit home and have time to yourself, say so. Do you just plain not want to spend time with me? Fucking say so. (I wouldn’t be that surprised if that was the case) This way I don’t waste anymore time on you. But don’t lie / give me that excuse that your so busy.
2 – 3 hours out of your day isn’t going to make you fail your class.

I think the biggest annoyance isn’t that they are making excuses, because sometimes they genuinely intend to stay in and do school work, or catch up on sleep, wash, or whatever else. The most annoying part is that they don’t understand why I am irritated with them. Like its some fucking puzzle they cant solve.

Riddle me this twat waffle

Here, let me spell it out for you: I’m annoyed at how stupid you are. If you have that much shit to do, why is it that you can find time to see a handful of other people but not me? “They live closer” / “they just happened to ask me”. Fuck you. That’s what I have to say to that.

If I asked you last week to go pick on the homeless people downtown, why wouldn’t you take me up on my offer the next time your free? Oh whats that? You forgot? Oooo.. I’m sorry.. You can remember what happened on the Jersey Shore in season 2 episode 5 but you forgot that I asked you to throw rocks at poor people last week. Whew.. I’m sorry about that..

It all boils down to this: if someone is your friend, they will find time to see you. If they feed you stupid ass lines about how they want to see you, but they can’t for whatever reason, then fuck them. It’s taken me far to long to accept that reality.

Song of the week

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I hear it all the time, whether it be in movies or someone saying it “violence is not the answer”. In most situations that is true, but there are times when being angry and violent is the only way. (anger.. potential future topic?)

This weeks song is War is the Answer by Five Finger Death Punch.


Something everyone has noticed I’m sure, or at least I have noticed it all over the damn place within the last year, is the duck face.

Apparently smushing your lips and cheeks together like a retard is considered cool. Its a shame too, because in most cases, such as the girl above, they are pretty good looking aside from the dumb expression (and in her case that awful nose ring).

I guess simply smiling and looking pretty is to hard, so instead girls (and even douchebag guys) make this stupid face and think they look attractive or trendy.

NEWS FLASH: you look like a fucking moron.

I remember when i was a kid and we would put 2 pringles in our mouths and it looked like a duck.

That was sorta funny when i was a kid, and it actually looked like a ducks mouth or whatever. This new tard-tastic version of a duck face is just ugly.

Also, i remember when i was a kid i saw another kid try and kick some random duck in the face. I hope he’s grown up and really wish he would start aiming that foot at these new “duck faces”.

Song of the week

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Sure, I only made this site a day ago, but fuck it.

Each week I will do a “song of the week”. Something that for one reason or another I really like and I feel others should hear because I have great taste.

This song goes out to all of my “friends” who were never there for me, even though I was always there for them. They know who they are.

This weeks song is Sticks & Bricks by A Day to Remember.

People can’t drive

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So, for my first shitty post I figured I’d bitch about the first thing that came to mind: crappy drivers.

I honestly do not understand how 90% of people can’t drive to save their lives. Lets list the top 5 things that make me rage harder then when my computer randomly crashes:

#1 – Going slow as shit:  I get it, your cautious. Driving safe is fine, but 25mph on I95 is what causes me to run your ass of the road.

Your not saving gas, because your sitting in traffic 3 times longer then I am since I go 60 and your doing 20 and get stuck at every red light.

Your not being safe. You going slow causes others (like me) to become enraged and throw shit at your car while I speed past. You get a broken window, and I might hit a pedestrian while I’m preoccupied searching for a bottle to chuck at you.
So save us both the hassle and step on the peddle to the right.

Also, when going slow, it leads to the next thing…

#2 – Leaving tons of space between you and the person in front of you:  Don’t give me that excuse “well, what if they slam on their breaks?” If someone slams on their brakes on a highway while everyone is going 60, your still going to be in their back seat anyway.

So do me a favor, leave enough space to slow down / stop safely if the person in front of you begins to slow down.
That space is precious. I need you to give me enough room so i can recklessly weave around you and get to where I want to go.

#3 – Using your phone while driving:  I don’t agree with the laws about cell phones and driving and all that crap.
I talk on my phone or text while driving all the time. The difference is I drive the same way even if I’m on the phone, compared to the morons who text and apparently forget that they are behind the wheel and swerve into my lane then beep at me as if its my fault for being next to them while they tell their BFF sally they had a salad at salad works for lunch.

News flash fatty, nobody really cares that you had non-fat dressing with your salad. Especially since you will probably go home and eat a whole pizza since you “were so good today”.

#4 Not signalling:  This is not only the law, but its common courtesy in my opinion. If your going to try and drive like a dick like I do, at least let the people around you know “hey, I’m gona cut in front of you brah, you might wana watch out and gtfo of my way. kthx”

#5 – Being old:  I’m sorry, there is just a point at which a person is to fucking old to drive. I’ve encountered ONE old person who drives like a boss, and I’m pretty sure it was Johnny Knoxville filming jackass.

Every old person I see driving breaks every rule above and acts like everyone else is a bad driver even though they are in the on coming traffics lane and sitting so close to the steering wheel they may as well be fused with the damn car.

I think I should administer all driving tests, and if you don’t pass you have to walk everywhere, because you will probably find a way to fuck up public transportation as well if you take that.