The “duck face” or “kiss face” phenomenon.

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Something everyone has noticed I’m sure, or at least I have noticed it all over the damn place within the last year, is the duck face.

Apparently smushing your lips and cheeks together like a retard is considered cool. Its a shame too, because in most cases, such as the girl above, they are pretty good looking aside from the dumb expression (and in her case that awful nose ring).

I guess simply smiling and looking pretty is to hard, so instead girls (and even douchebag guys) make this stupid face and think they look attractive or trendy.

NEWS FLASH: you look like a fucking moron.

I remember when i was a kid and we would put 2 pringles in our mouths and it looked like a duck.

That was sorta funny when i was a kid, and it actually looked like a ducks mouth or whatever. This new tard-tastic version of a duck face is just ugly.

Also, i remember when i was a kid i saw another kid try and kick some random duck in the face. I hope he’s grown up and really wish he would start aiming that foot at these new “duck faces”.


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