Posted: September 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am sick of them.

Every day I get feed excuses from people. They range from the simple “I cant do that because I’m tired” to the more annoying “I’m so busy I don’t have time to do anything”. (which can fall under the “full of shit” category as well)

Every time you make an excuse, this is what you are

Simple excuses don’t bother me, if your simply to lazy to do something or you don’t want to, at least “I’m to tired” is basically being honest. Its the “I’m so busy” excuses I hate. Guess what? I’m busy too! Surprise! I have shit I have to do also, but you know what? I find time to see my friends and family. Time management isn’t that hard.

Oh you have school and work? You poor thing, here let me play the worlds smallest violin for you.. You may think “damn Gary, that’s harsh. It sucks balancing school and work”. See, the thing is, I’ve done that myself. Yea, it does suck. Its a pain in the ass to work and go to school. I got up at 6:30am Monday – Friday, drove out of my way to pick up my friend who I worked with, went to work for 8 hours, then went right to school at night for 4 hours after sweating my ass off all day. On top of that, I had class Saturday mornings sometimes. But here’s the thing, the days I didn’t have class I made time for my friends. I was exhausted from work and had tons of school stuff to do, but I still found time to see people. It was a pain, and I had to stay up late at night finishing assignments, but that’s what you do when you truly want to spend time with someone. Only a few of my friends seem to understand this. They go out of their way so we can hang out once a week. Its not much, but that’s all it takes sometimes.

I don’t expect people to do what I did and go without sleep. But when your dumbass is going to be awake half the night anyway, or you have off all weekend, why the fuck don’t you want to hang out? If you want to just sit home and have time to yourself, say so. Do you just plain not want to spend time with me? Fucking say so. (I wouldn’t be that surprised if that was the case) This way I don’t waste anymore time on you. But don’t lie / give me that excuse that your so busy.
2 – 3 hours out of your day isn’t going to make you fail your class.

I think the biggest annoyance isn’t that they are making excuses, because sometimes they genuinely intend to stay in and do school work, or catch up on sleep, wash, or whatever else. The most annoying part is that they don’t understand why I am irritated with them. Like its some fucking puzzle they cant solve.

Riddle me this twat waffle

Here, let me spell it out for you: I’m annoyed at how stupid you are. If you have that much shit to do, why is it that you can find time to see a handful of other people but not me? “They live closer” / “they just happened to ask me”. Fuck you. That’s what I have to say to that.

If I asked you last week to go pick on the homeless people downtown, why wouldn’t you take me up on my offer the next time your free? Oh whats that? You forgot? Oooo.. I’m sorry.. You can remember what happened on the Jersey Shore in season 2 episode 5 but you forgot that I asked you to throw rocks at poor people last week. Whew.. I’m sorry about that..

It all boils down to this: if someone is your friend, they will find time to see you. If they feed you stupid ass lines about how they want to see you, but they can’t for whatever reason, then fuck them. It’s taken me far to long to accept that reality.


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