Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Everyone lies. Shit, I lie quite frequently. Usually its something small like “of course you look good..!.. you don’t look like a gremlin at all” but occasionally we all have to lie about something big. In my case I have to hide my feelings, which doesn’t hurt anyone but myself. In other peoples cases its lying to people because your a piece of shit.

Close enough

There are many things that warrant lying in my opinion. Is your best friend ugly as shit but you always tell them they look good? Maybe being honest could motivate them to not be so ugly, but its a lie that’s acceptable because your trying to be nice to your ugly friend. Do you lie to your friend who pisses you off and tell them your not mad? Well your a coward and should stop being a pussy.

Uncle Sam has been misquoted for so long…

What is not acceptable to lie about is other people.

When you straight lie to 2 people for months on end, it takes a special kind of faggotry to pull off. Lets make a list and see what they did shall we? (because lists are fun in bullet points!)

  • Trick person A into thinking person B is saying terrible things about them
  • Listen while person A tells you terrible things about person B while they are angry at the lies your just told them
  • Tell person B all the crap person A was saying while gaining their trust because you are being “honest” with them
  • Make sure person A and B never figure out what your doing somehow
  • Fuck over 2 people
  • Get what you want

Flawless plan I must say. It was executed quite well I might add. Keeping both people close to you so you can make sure they never figure it out or would even want to talk to each other is some feat.
Its a shame that when you try this same routine again, person B caught on to your shit and talked to person A about everything.

Unfortunately by this time things had changed significantly between person’s A and B and it wasn’t worth the headache to call out the shit head in question.

That seems fairly accurate

Now, here’s the tricky part to this whole little spiel: I don’t care anymore. That cannot be stated firmly enough. Because even though I took the time to write this, it is mainly to bitch (because that’s what I do, its the pretense of this site for fuck sakes) and to air some dirty laundry without directly naming people. All in all, looking back, it sort of worked out for the best, at least in my case anyway. Even though things ended badly between all parties involved, it caused me to spark communication with an old friend.

So I guess the moral of this story is, trust my instincts (not YOUR instincts, trust MINE, because your stupid).


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